In the work of Dimče Stojanovski we see western figurative tradition along with inherent spirituality as exemplified by the religious narratives of his native Macedonia's great medieval fresco painters. He also counts as inspiration the twelfth century Persian poet, Rumi, whose bristling works testify to the presence of Divine Spirit in the daily affairs of man.

The perceptive viewer will notice in Dimče's work a remarkable insight into human nature. The artist sees the individual as a unique expression of boundless love, knowable through the heart alone and in direct conflict with the human mind, which he views as the seat of the negative force or eternal antagonist. This tension between the heart and mind serves as the backdrop for the artist's narratives, running like a golden thread through all of his work.

From the outset we are drawn into a mysterious world of dream where silent actors play out predetermined roles. Astounding technique - particularly evident in the rendering of facial expression and hands, brings to life unknown rituals, celebrations, tragedies. Predominantly monochromatic, the works comprising "Chiaroscuro" in Gallery 2, point to the individual's experience as part of a wider community or family. Included is the artist's collaboration with master printer George Coles in the triptych "Wind from the Mountain".

Gallery 3 features Dimče's love of portraiture and tracks his evolution as an oil painter. The approach is painterly, aiming for a sculptural effect with the greatest possible economy of means. The resulting works bear witness to the ever unique and beautiful dignity of Soul, struggling to know Itself. Never is irony employed. The artist is simply a vessel, interpreting that which he sees.

Dimče's crowning achievement to date - the unfolding "Black Lightning" cycle of charcoal works on rag paper, debuts a heretofore unseen phenomenon in contemporary art. Not that the particular modus operandi is necessarily new - themes and ideas appearing out of broadly rendered spontaneous marks - however, the richness and specificity of the final results are truly captivating in their originality and sheer beauty! Out of the swirl of living atoms, forms appear as shimmering visions, beckoning our attention, drawing us in, inviting our curiosity as to their miraculous origins. Perfect busts embody archetypal states, which we recognise from our conscious and subconscious banks of memory, dream and vision. Through the practice of inner silence, the Master Artist brings forth hitherto unseen wonders for all to see and experience. Dimče presents "Black Lightning, Sun Mists" in galleries 1,4 and 5.