"Dimce Stojanovski, who placed as a finalist with his work The Old Poet, portrait of Daevid Allen, explained how he came to paint his subject.

In 1983, while trekking through the hills behind Mullumbimby, I happened upon a smiling Daevid Allen in the doorway of a geodesic dome, he said.

He invited me in, and so began an ongoing friendship and dialogue, which we maintained up until his death earlier this year at the age of 78.

In spite of or perhaps because of Daevid’s international profile, his personal and creative freedom were paramount to him.

He knew that to react and respond to anything is to be in sympathy with it and therefore become a part of it. Daevid’s message was always follow your heart and never get caught up in the passing parade.

Mr Stojanovski described Daevid as a master of irony."

Luke Mortimer, Northern Rivers Echo, 8th October, 2015.

"Yesterday, when I was considering all of the portraits, there were two that I thought deserved to be noted as receiving the title of Highly Commended. The first is the portrait of musician Steve Berry painted by Dimče Stojanovski. I was struck by the gentle and calm atmosphere of this portrait which to me offers an evocative suggestion of the sitter’s reflective inner life."

Christopher Chapman, Director of the Australian National Portrait Gallery, Canberra ACT. at the Northern Rivers Portrait Prize Award Ceremony, Lismore Regional Gallery, 30th April, 2011.

"Awakening, a set of over-sized mono prints by Dimče Stojanovski, mimic the great romantic masters such as Henri Matisse and Leonardo da Vinci. The works ooze passion and romance. Stojanovski has a good eye and an innately quixotic sensitivity."

Review by Irena Hatfield, Lismore Regional Art Gallery, April 30, 1998 (Northern Rivers Echo)

"Dimče’s paintings - some thirty of them are exhibited - represent his whole history of evolution as an artist. He has moved from the intricate detail of his earlier drawings and paintings, some of which took him months to produce, to bold and absolute watercolours generated with urgency and immediacy. He is obviously someone who will be going places with his talent and we are lucky to see an exhibition of his work here on the North Coast."

Nicholas Shand, review of ‘Origins’ exhibition. Nov., 1990, Brunswick Byron Echo

"Twelve artists are currently exhibiting at EMR Gallery in Redfern in a figurative show called ‘Elysian Dreamers Return’. Dominating are the moribund male nudes of Asko Sutinen, the neon goddesses of Tim Schultz and the vibrant couples of Dimče Stojanovski."

"...Stojanovski’s figures morph from demure Pre-Raphaelites into lovelorn fauns and nymphs eager for the rites of Spring. His luminous ‘Light in the Forest’ artfully references Matisse’s ‘Nymph in the Forest’ without looking anything at all like the referenced work."

Edit of review of ‘Elysian Dreamers Return’. Sydney Morning Herald, Sydney, 1988

"Dimče Stojanovski’s work is quite outstanding. He has a surety of line and sophistication far beyond most young artists evident in the academic approach of his earlier works to his looser, more recent conceptions."

‘The Age’ Melbourne, edit of review for ‘Elysian Fields’, 1988.